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The Dynamic Chess Course


Check out this short video about The Dynamic Chess Course if you haven’t already watched it on YouTube.

There’s free chess training material for you on this website. It’s password protected but right now you can gain access by clicking on the page link up at the top and registering your details.

Do you know someone who wants to learn to play chess properly? My brand new beginner’s chess course on is normally $25 but visitors to this site can get it totally free. Why? – because right now I need some course reviews to help to launch it.
Click on ‘Beginner’s Course – FREE!’ up at the top to grab your $25 coupon.

Now then… Are you finally ready to get seriously good at this game?

If you refuse to believe you’re already as good a chess player as you’re ever going to be (in other words you haven’t given up on yourself) and you sincerely intend to be a very much stronger chess player in the future, then your continued commitment to improvement plus regular exposure to high quality chess training material will make it happen. For an investment of just $10 a month (that’s about 6 quid for you UK guys) you’ll see your chess strength increasing dramatically and you’ll be winning many more of your games.
The longest journey begins with a single step – so take that first step now and join the other members of the Dynamic Chess Course. Start right now to transform yourself into a fearsome chess player!

Click this PayPal button and I’ll see you inside.
Let’s play some great chess!